Working With Us

golden GDB (300x200)I witnessed first-hand the need in developing a training program to help those businesses that provide a service or product to the general public. There is so much confusion on how to properly interact with a service dog “team”…what to say or what to do. Now, there seems to be an infusion of personal pets falsely being portrayed as “service animals.” We offer “technical” information and leave the legal advice to those who are qualified to give it!

Value to you!

Along with the added knowledge of how the presence of service animals can impact your business, gaining a potential customer who has money to spend is also a plus! Per the Department of Justice, there is $175B in discretionary spending from those who are disabled. In addition, don’t risk potential costly litigation and negative publicity (social media, etc.) by being uninformed.

Let us be a part of your new employee orientation or in-service education programs

I’m very hands’ on with this business. In developing the concept, there is definitely an advantage to having me personally train your staff because of the multitude of questions that arise, plus my informative “demo” of how to properly interact with someone with vision loss.  However, in certain situations, I am well aware that time is of the essence so my services are now accessible in a “virtual” teleseminar format which essentially makes it available 24/7.

Benefits to you from our training program:

  • Clarify what “tasks/work” service dogs are trained to do
  • The different types of “working” dogs in public settings
  • Understand how to interact with a service dog handler and their dog 
  • Explore your role in properly welcoming service dogs into your business
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) discussion
  • Awareness of the types of service dogs being training for our disabled military veterans
  • Etiquette demonstration for the visually impaired customer/guest/patient 

From “1-on-1” intensive VIP training, to virtual teleseminars, there is a “training package” suitable for every type of business and employee availability.

My team consists of individuals who have been in the service animal industry from 25-40 years.  We have seen changes in the industry and the challenges, over the years, with the resulting Americans With Disabilities Act.  We know you have questions and concerns for your business and your clients/patients/guests about service dog access. 

Please note…we are providers of technical information regarding service animals as they relate to federal and state laws, and do not give legal advice. It is always recommended you seek legal counsel for any specific issues that may arise.

Training Opportunities

VIP Training Session

  • Private “one-on-one” training in a virtual teleseminar setting or “in person”
  • Information manual with applicable documents as back-up for situations you may encounter with a service animal issue.
  • All technical aspects of service animals discussed to give you the most up-to-date information on the tasks/work performed by service dogs.
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On-Site Training

  • Personalized training held at your site includes service dog education information as well as bonus of etiquette and demo on how to assist guests/clients with visual impairments.
  • Service dog and handler will be invited to participate (depending on area and access of dog handler on day of training)
  • Information manual provided (add’l. charge)
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“Virtual” teleseminar training – “live, virtual” format

  • Accessed from any computer or telephone, this training is “interactive” with moderator for Q & A.
  • Downloadable information provided.
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“On Demand Virtual” teleseminar training – “pre-recorded” format

  • Accessed from any computer or telephone, thus making this truly convenient for your staff 24/7.  (No Q & A is available.)
  • Downloadable information provided.
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Guest Speaker

“Service Dog or Pampered Pooch….How to tell the difference!”
Disabled Americans spend $175 billion a year, so don’t let their dollars pass you by!  Get up to speed fast on the “do’s and don’ts” of service dog etiquette with my enthusiastic, interactive presentation. A recognized expert, I’ve spent nearly two decades speaking nationwide about service animals. I’ll show you how to welcome customers, clients, patients, guests and their service dogs into your business and what tasks service dogs are trained to do for both emotional and physical disabilities. You’ll be touched by my stories and photos that demonstrate how these dogs enrich the lives of their handlers and allow them to live a more full and active life ─ which includes bringing business your way.

This can be keynote, breakout, workshop or training. I’m also available as a panel guest.