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April 8, 2014

A great find on YouTube this week!
Need a laugh? Here is a great compilation of the “Barkley Subaru” commercials!  Smart advertising using Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.  Absolutely adorable!

February 13, 2014

A great find on YouTube this week!
Here is one of the back stories to the wonderful Budweiser Super Bowl commercial! You know which one I’m talking about… http://youtu.be/CfvVgahAiis

January 31, 2014 

Two great finds on YouTube this week!
Congratulations to The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey for celebrating 85 years on January 29th, and for bringing dignity and safe, efficient travel to the visually impaired/blind community providing guide dogs (or in their case “seeing eye” dogs) and for your vision and mission.  Here is a great video of their co-founder, Morris Frank and his seeing eye dog, “Buddy.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwYHXNItSks

You will love this Budweiser Superbowl Commercial!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQB7QRyF4p4

January 22, 2014

Two great finds on YouTube this week!
For all of you suffering from never-ending snow, at least you can laugh at these 5minutes of cats and dogs discovering the joy of snow. Just know that it’s kissing the high 70’s all week in So Cal. Honestly, we would LOVE your wet weather.

This is powerful about PTSD service dogs! Even though this is from the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation, we have this program here in the U.S. as well.

January 10, 2014

This should be a no-brainer, BUT if you live in the cold areas of the U.S., PLEASE be responsible with your dogs when it comes to their time outside. Never leave them alone in this cold. If you see a neighbor’s dog in distress, do something/call someone!!  I’m getting tragic post after post of photos of frozen-to-death dogs!!! Fur does not equate to total insulation from this type of record cold gripping the Midwest and East coast. 

December 20, 2013

Major health problems in “obese” dogs can result in breathing problems, diabetes, orthopedic issues, heart problems, high blood pressure and a reduction in life expectancy.  We are “killing with kindness” when we overfeed our pets.  So, let’s break those big treats into pieces, and give sensibly. Just remember to cut back on the amount of food you give your dog, if it’s a day of many treats.  Also, make sure you are aware of your dog when you give a treat just to make sure it doesn’t choke on a small piece.  I’ve had to bang on Rocco’s back when a treat didn’t quite go down the right way. (Of course, he is a Lab, and they “inhale” food/treats!!) 

Video of the Week!
Wow! No amount of training could have prepared this brave guide dog to do what he did for his handler.  To say this dog is a hero is an understatement. So glad both guide dog and his handler are OK!

December 13, 2013

Here are just a few things to be careful of with your dog…poinsettia plants, Christmas tree tinsel, mistletoe, chocolate, electrical cords for Christmas lights and the list of toxic foods (from last week’s blog)

Most of these items are new around your home this time of year, and can be deadly or severely injure your dog. So, just like having a baby, be mindful of what is on your dog’s nose level…(or in some cases…counter level)!!

November 27, 2013

Perhaps this is the best time to teach your dog the “leave it!” command. If one of the toxic foods drops on the floor, all you have to do is give that command, and that will allow you to get to that food item BEFORE your dog can scarf it down. As you probably already know, it can be the speed of light from the time the food hits the floor to the time your dog grabs it!

A Great Find on YouTube
This is a “universal” message!  Do not disturb/distract a working service dog team. Although this has been around for a while, it is one of the better videos…and all the way from Norway!

October 31, 2013

Please dispose of any jerky treats you may have for your pets IF they are from China. Hopefully, the FDA will be able to isolate the contaminate that is prevalent in jerky treats being imported. It’s just not worth the risk.

October 21, 2013

Please be responsible and spay or neuter your pets! Don’t be part of the problem of too many “shelter” dogs. Be the solution! There are free spay and neuter clinics available if you can’t afford to pay for this procedure. I’ll help you find one!

A Great Find on YouTube This Week!
I dare you to have a dry eye after watching these “reunions” of returning service men and women with their beloved pets. I’m addicted to this website.

September 30, 2013

Think about adopting a shelter dog since October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.” If you can’t adopt, then contact a local shelter to see if you can spearhead a “drive” of some kind, from gathering towels/blankets, offering clerical help, volunteer assistance…anything to help move forward the goal of getting these wayward doggies into a loving home.

A Great Find on YouTube This Week!
This is just sooo cute. It’s a job interview process for a “guide dog” type job (in England). I can tell you…it’s absolutely true!

September 9, 2013

Never let your dog approach (or worse) lunge at a “working” service dog NO MATTER how friendly your dog is!  It can be dangerous and very disruptive to the safety of the “working” service dog and their handler. Best advice….leave them alone to do their traveling without interference.  

A Great Find on YouTube This Week!
This is a compilation of the amazing things people say to those who have service dogs.  It’s sadly funny, (the 4-letter word is not my doing) and the young gal in the video is superb!!  Yes, people do say these things all the time!

August 25, 2013

If you can’t lay the “back” of your hand on the pavement surface for at least 7 seconds, the pavement is too hot to walk your dog!!! Either walk your dog in cool of the morning or late afternoon but NOT in the middle of the day!

July 22, 2013

In case of emergency, make sure you have a sticker/sign in your front window alerting law enforcement agencies of how many and what types of pets are living in your home.

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