Part II – Emotional Support Dogs

Training dog in vestIf you missed part one, Service Dog 101, you can read it here.

Continuing the discussion…

It was brought to my attention that I forgot to also mention emotional support dogs need to do physical tasks or “work” to mitigate a medical condition. I will repeat that just having a dog in your lap for emotional “comfort” is not a legitimate service dog in “public” settings. Service dogs must be trained to provide “physical” work or tasks to mitigate a disability.

Here is the link to my website with the Federal Housing Act regarding emotional support dogs. This document will give you the complete information on housing and emotional support dog rights. 

Part III – Emotional Support Dogs and modes of transportation – next installment!!

Time to Grab that Leash on “Fake” Service Dogs!

Let’s all grab a leash and lead those “fake” service dogs back home where they belong!

As we close out September, (National Service Dog Month), education will always be the key to getting the message out about legitimate service dogs and their place in society helping those with disabilities…from civilians to our military veterans. Take a moment to watch my video blog and learn the 4 main differences between a legitimate service dog and a FAKE!!!  So…one last time….. 

Time to grab that leash (Video snapshot)