Use Caution with Pet Safe Lawn Products

Spring is definitely here in Southern California. Actually Spring has been here all year to a great degree.  We finally got some much-needed rain a few days ago, and that will make for a much happier walk with Rocco tonight. He has smelled the same old scents in our neighborhood for months! Time for the rain to bring new flowers and new smells.

Garden and lawn sprucing up is big right now. I know… Home Depot was packed with buyers of all things garden and home improvement today. That brings to mind my video for you based on my own negligence!  Yes, even I was a BAD dog mom. I hope my mistake does not become yours!!! Lesson learned! Watch this video to learn why you need to use caution with “pet-safe” lawn products.

4-9-14 Use caution with pet-safe lawn products

P.S. Thankfully, Rocco had no lasting effects and has been just fine ever since. Whew!!