Flying Turkeys

Turkey on PlaneAs you can imagine, I have a LOT say about the turkey, yes, like the one on your Thanksgiving table, that recently boarded a domestic airline as an “emotional support” animal accompanying a passenger. I seriously did not believe this absurd story to be real, until I researched and found it to be true.

This flies in the face of being completely and “flutterly” ridiculous because it really pushes all boundaries, and personally, I feel it mocks the entire Emotional Support animal system. I can see a cat, dog or even a bunny, but the mere fact the airline was bound by the Air Carrier Act to have to allow that bird in the passenger cabin is really beyond my comprehension.

So, let me once again state the law as it pertains to “emotional support” animals relating to modes of transportation. They are not “service” animals nor are they bound by the regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

When on an airplane, governed by the Department of Transportation Air Carrier Act, not the Department of Justice, Emotional Support Animals can accompany passengers, who have a note from their doctor, that this animal (of questionable species) is required for the comfort of said person. They do NOT perform any physical tasks to mitigate a disability like a true “service” dog or miniature horse (both legal service animals under the law). They serve one purpose, and that is emotional support for anxiety in public. [Read more…]