Interesting Stats

Per the Dept. of Justice:

  • In 1990 there were 43 million disabled adults in the U.S. – that was 1/5 our population
  • Per the 2010 Census Bureau there were 50 million disabled adults – that’s 1 in 5 adults!
  • By the year 2030 in the age 65+ category – we’ll have double that number!!
  • $175 Billion – determined to be discretionary spending of the “disabled” population
  • Less than 10% of the blind population is “totally” blind
  • There is 60% vision impairment for the 65+ population
  • Fear is the most common factor when dealing with a person with a disability
  • 10% of today’s population cannot walk a 1/4 mile or navigate stairs
  • 25,139 increased to 34,763 ADA access lawsuits filed in CA per “Lawyers Against Lawsuit Abuse” in the past few years

Per the Defense Dept.:

  • Nearly 213,000 military personnel will have suffered traumatic brain trauma injuries in Iraq & Afghanistan since 2000
  • Rand Corp. estimate 300,000 veterans from both conflicts suffer from PTSD or major depression

Per Veterans Administration:

  • One veteran every 85 minutes, commits suicide. The majority are under 23 years old!

Per California State Guide Dog Board:

  • There are 10,000 guide dogs in the U.S – 2,000 of which are in California

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law… not a building code

Denying access to a disabled person with a service animal is a serious violation of the ADA. This can result in a business being liable for penalties of up to $100,000, plus the disabled person’s attorney fees.

Denial of access to a disabled person with a service animal also violates the laws of virtually every state, which can lead to additional penalties and liability. In some states, such a violation is a crime that can result in monetary fines and imprisonment.