Use Caution with Pet Safe Lawn Products

Spring is definitely here in Southern California. Actually Spring has been here all year to a great degree.  We finally got some much-needed rain a few days ago, and that will make for a much happier walk with Rocco tonight. He has smelled the same old scents in our neighborhood for months! Time for the rain to bring new flowers and new smells.

Garden and lawn sprucing up is big right now. I know… Home Depot was packed with buyers of all things garden and home improvement today. That brings to mind my video for you based on my own negligence!  Yes, even I was a BAD dog mom. I hope my mistake does not become yours!!! Lesson learned! Watch this video to learn why you need to use caution with “pet-safe” lawn products.

4-9-14 Use caution with pet-safe lawn products

P.S. Thankfully, Rocco had no lasting effects and has been just fine ever since. Whew!! 

Doggie Dental Care… the Road to Disease Prevention and a Healthier, Happy Dog

Doggy dental careFebruary has been Pet Dental Health Month!  Looking for that long-ago puppy breath (and pearly whites) your dog used to have…or when your dog pants, could its’ breath stop traffic and put you in suspended animation? As you know, some of that dragon breath could be caused by neglected oral care. Here’s a tip to look for when trolling for the most effective dental chews that work.  Look for these initials on the packaging….”VOHC”…. This means these treats help retard plaque and tartar and have been given the “seal of approval” by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, an entity of the American Veterinary Dental College.

As always, it’s important to have your dog’s teeth checked annually, by your vet, for any malformations, broken teeth, cracks and to maintain general good oral care including cleaning their teeth if need be.  Just like humans, you can be proactive in helping prevent certain diseases (like heart disease) with good oral care by keeping that plaque and tartar at bay! This might be a good time to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth, if you haven’t done so already! Your vet will be happy to show you!

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Super Bowl Parties and Pet Suffocation Have Something in Common!

The frigid Super Bowl is next Sunday…. fun, family, friends and pets!!! (Cats are included in this blog).

Bags of Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, etc., with a multitude of dips, will bring hours of snacking pleasure and for sure… bet you can’t eat just one!  But for pets, these empty bags are potentially life threatening.  They can cause pet suffocation to the most curious or hungriest of pets quickly.

Believe it or not, this tragedy is becoming all too common and is so easily preventable!!

So, keep your trash covered, don’t leave these bags out for your pets to get into and for heaven’s sake…. don’t film your pet with a bag stuck on their head running around a room. It’s just not funny as it only takes a few seconds to totally panic an animal trapped in a bag.  So… go Broncos and Seahawks… enjoy the game and keep your pets safe!

Super Bowl parties and pet suffocation have something in common! (VIDEO SNAPSHOT)

Toxic Foods for Dogs – Keep Away!

Wow, the holiday season is upon us, and that means cooking, baking and preparing all sorts of fabulous food.  Now is the time to be very aware of some of those foods that can be extremely toxic to your dogs.  This week’s blog is all about “toxic foods for dogs.” Of course, the weight of the dog also factors in to the “toxicity” level, but in any case make sure you contact your vet if you know your dog has consumed any of the foods on the “list.” The holiday season is hectic enough, without having to make that emergency (and expensive) run to the vet.

Toxic Foods (Video Snapshot)

Crazy Dogs for Halloween, Jerky Treat Warning & Helping with Military Deployment Pet Foster Care

In this week’s video fall is in the air, so that means Halloween is coming soon! This past weekend I enjoyed the annual “Howl-O-Ween” Pet Fair locally, and it prompted me to do a short segment on doggie costumes and what we spend annually. Can you say…ka-ching? Wow!! They are anticipating crazy (or devoted) dog owners to spend approximately $330M on costumes, (yup with an “M”) this year!!! Two more serious topics are covered as well…dogs on deployment foster care and the continued contamination problem with jerky treats from China.

Crazy Dogs for Halloween (Video Snapshot)

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month… Your Time, Talent or Money is Needed for Homeless Dogs. Give Your Heart to Save a Life.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Adopt a Shelter Dog (Video Snapshot)
Suggestions to help even if you can’t adopt right now…contact a local shelter and find out their needs for their animals. As the days and nights get colder, they may have special needs beyond the warmer weather “accommodations” for their dogs such as a raised bed. A few things you can do: donate money for a “wish list” item, volunteer to provide much needed cuddles, and/or exercise for shelter dogs, or offer your photography skills to enhance the adoption process.

Time to Grab that Leash on “Fake” Service Dogs!

Let’s all grab a leash and lead those “fake” service dogs back home where they belong!

As we close out September, (National Service Dog Month), education will always be the key to getting the message out about legitimate service dogs and their place in society helping those with disabilities…from civilians to our military veterans. Take a moment to watch my video blog and learn the 4 main differences between a legitimate service dog and a FAKE!!!  So…one last time….. 

Time to grab that leash (Video snapshot)

Bits and Bites for the Top Dog in Your Family!

This week’s blog is “Bits and Bites.” Been so hot here this past week, that my brain is only registering a few details at a time. Ha!  This week’s video will tell you a bit about why I got into this business, offering a couple of suggestions for procuring pet insurance because it’s National Pet Insurance Month (September) and my plea to “do not distract” a working service dog with your own dog while on a walk. A sadly funny video posted on YouTube will also give you some insight as to the things people say to service dog handlers all the time! So true!

Bits and Bites (Video Snapshot)

Dog Paws on Hot Pavement… What Not to Do! Super Easy Way to Protect Those Precious Pads!

Ruff Wear BootiesNot long ago, I attended a local street fair. Booths were set up along a 1/2 mile stretch down the center of one of our main streets (with a black asphalt surface) on a blistering hot day. I was jumping from booth to booth, under the cover of vendor shade structures, to get out of the hot sun…and lo and behold, what did I see?  A shocking number of dogs with their owners. Some really dancing to get relief from the scorching hot pavement.  C’mon people….it’s time to use your noggin…  If that’s not easy to do, let me introduce you to my video blog…”Hot Pavement 101″.

Dog paws on hot pavement (Video Snapshot)

Special Note:
I mentioned I would have a video of me putting booties on Rocco,
and it accidentally got deleted from my computer.
Sorry about the goof 🙁

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ruffwear “GripTrex” booties for hot pavement, snow or hiking…then click here!

Do you see dog paws on hot pavement?

Service Dog or Pampered Pooch… Attire Needs to be Regulated!

The time has come to address this ever growing problem of personal pets in “service dog” gear. Suffice it to say, business owners are getting increasingly agitated at the numbers of dogs coming into their businesses that are being “portrayed” as service dogs in very suspect service dog gear. The real losers in this “scam” are the thousands of legitimate service dog handlers who have trained extensively with their dogs to aid their disability.  Their public access is being challenged! Not only are “fake” service dogs a nuisance but they can be a real danger to legitimate service dogs by lunging, biting and distracting service dogs while they work.  Here is my video to address all this! 

Please take a moment to sign this petition to stop businesses that are selling service dog gear.!

Service dog or pampered pooch (Video snapshot)