Doggie Dental Care… the Road to Disease Prevention and a Healthier, Happy Dog

Doggy dental careFebruary has been Pet Dental Health Month!  Looking for that long-ago puppy breath (and pearly whites) your dog used to have…or when your dog pants, could its’ breath stop traffic and put you in suspended animation? As you know, some of that dragon breath could be caused by neglected oral care. Here’s a tip to look for when trolling for the most effective dental chews that work.  Look for these initials on the packaging….”VOHC”…. This means these treats help retard plaque and tartar and have been given the “seal of approval” by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, an entity of the American Veterinary Dental College.

As always, it’s important to have your dog’s teeth checked annually, by your vet, for any malformations, broken teeth, cracks and to maintain general good oral care including cleaning their teeth if need be.  Just like humans, you can be proactive in helping prevent certain diseases (like heart disease) with good oral care by keeping that plaque and tartar at bay! This might be a good time to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth, if you haven’t done so already! Your vet will be happy to show you!

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Can You Help Me… and Crazy Weather!

Happy New Year (3) (300x245)Not to rub anything in, but I am still wearing my summer wardrobe. Crazy weather, huh??? Rocco is shedding like the dickens from the heat and extreme dry weather.  Some of you are still knee-deep in snow…whereas, I’m on “severe” fire watch and California is now declared an official “drought” disaster state.

Survey time…survey time!!!  Ok… here’s that super-quick 10 question survey I was talking about in my last blog!!  Can you please help me? I would love your input.  (click here) Thank you so much! I promise to share the results.