Happy Valentines Day! Just Keep Those Chocolates Out of Reach!

Happy Valentines Day! Just keep those chocolates out of reach!

Happy Valentines Day!

Oh, there isn’t a chocolate I don’t like… well maybe white chocolate. Just not right that it’s “white.” Probably a very psychological thing, but love my milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  I’m very lucky, because Rocco doesn’t get into things he shouldn’t, but that’s not the case with many of your dogs. From the drop on the floor to the counter surfers, Valentine’s Day could land your dog at the emergency vet.  Depending on the weight of your dog and the type and amount of chocolate consumed, it can be very toxic! 

Here is a great “chocolate toxic level meter” from PetMD.  http://bit.ly/1aTrFLH.  I hope you never have to use it, but it’s great to keep this information handy.  Hope you all have a lovely day, whether you have a special someone to share with or a special pet!!

Also, here is one poison helpline link as well:

Pet Poison Hotline

Super Bowl Parties and Pet Suffocation Have Something in Common!

The frigid Super Bowl is next Sunday…. fun, family, friends and pets!!! (Cats are included in this blog).

Bags of Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, etc., with a multitude of dips, will bring hours of snacking pleasure and for sure… bet you can’t eat just one!  But for pets, these empty bags are potentially life threatening.  They can cause pet suffocation to the most curious or hungriest of pets quickly.

Believe it or not, this tragedy is becoming all too common and is so easily preventable!!

So, keep your trash covered, don’t leave these bags out for your pets to get into and for heaven’s sake…. don’t film your pet with a bag stuck on their head running around a room. It’s just not funny as it only takes a few seconds to totally panic an animal trapped in a bag.  So… go Broncos and Seahawks… enjoy the game and keep your pets safe!

Super Bowl parties and pet suffocation have something in common! (VIDEO SNAPSHOT)

Can You Help Me… and Crazy Weather!

Happy New Year (3) (300x245)Not to rub anything in, but I am still wearing my summer wardrobe. Crazy weather, huh??? Rocco is shedding like the dickens from the heat and extreme dry weather.  Some of you are still knee-deep in snow…whereas, I’m on “severe” fire watch and California is now declared an official “drought” disaster state.

Survey time…survey time!!!  Ok… here’s that super-quick 10 question survey I was talking about in my last blog!!  Can you please help me? I would love your input.  (click here) Thank you so much! I promise to share the results.

Belated New Year’s Greetings & Winter Dog Safety

Belated New Year's greetings and winter dog safetyHappy Belated New Year to you!

As I sat down to write this over a week ago, I was totally unaware of how much my life would change in the blink of an eye.  I was reflecting back on this year, as it truly was a year of “learning” and “education”…to really understand the elements of social media and how it can enhance my business.

I also was in the midst of actually writing the paragraph on how blessed I was to see my beloved mother turn 90 last September and her year of learning Windows 8, finalizing her genealogy research so we could both join the Daughters of the American Revolution and enjoying her continued zest for reading and life, when I received a phone call from my brother that Mom had suffered a stroke.  I live fairly close, so dropped this blog, and ran to get her to the hospital.  The stroke robbed her of her sight.

Needless to say, this has been a tough week, but I now understand why I was in the guide dog business for over 16 years.  Perhaps, this was my destiny to understand the frustrations and triumphs in the blind community.  To those of you who have posted comments and encouragement on Facebook, “thank you” doesn’t seem enough.  For the time you took time out of your busy lives to write something meant more than you could ever imagine. This is going to be a journey I have not traveled before with Mom because she has always been so healthy and active.  Life is now not measured in months or years, but in days and weeks to come.

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Dog Treats… Too Much of a Good Thing?

Dog Treats (Video Snapshot)
Dog Treats, treats … marvelous treats, but too many are NOT a good thing!!  Great words for a song similar to “Food, Glorious Food” (from the film “Oliver,”) but in real life, too many treats, (plus daily feedings) can lead to all sorts of medical problems in dogs, just like us humans. Obesity is at an all time high with our beloved pets, so take a couple of minutes to watch my video to help your dog’s waistline. [Read more…]

Howladay Happiness… Is It Right to Gift a Dog & Veteran Mentorship

Nemo_&_RoccoHappy howladays! Wow, it’s chilly here in Southern California, and it finally feels like Christmas! I know…we are wimps here because when the temperature reaches a frigid 45 degrees, that’s springtime for many parts of the U.S. We just have to be careful of frost because our citrus trees don’t do well in low temps. Frozen orange juice is fine in the store, but not hanging on the tree. 

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Toxic Foods for Dogs – Keep Away!

Wow, the holiday season is upon us, and that means cooking, baking and preparing all sorts of fabulous food.  Now is the time to be very aware of some of those foods that can be extremely toxic to your dogs.  This week’s blog is all about “toxic foods for dogs.” Of course, the weight of the dog also factors in to the “toxicity” level, but in any case make sure you contact your vet if you know your dog has consumed any of the foods on the “list.” The holiday season is hectic enough, without having to make that emergency (and expensive) run to the vet.

Toxic Foods (Video Snapshot)

Honoring All Veterans, From All Conflicts, and What Service Dogs are Doing to Help Those in Need

November 8 Blog - Roc & DebAs I nurse a sore back that I threw out over last weekend, I’m not exactly looking like a video “model”…ha!…Hair is up and I’m NOT ready for my close-up this week, so a written blog is definitely in order.

Aside from the kick-off of the holiday season, there are some very important dog “days” on this calendar month as well.

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month, National Senior Pet Month, National Pet Awareness Month, Pet Cancer Awareness Month, Pet Diabetes Month and National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (11/10-11/16).  Do we love our pets or what???!!!  Wow!

But as we near Veteran’s Day on Monday, I want this blog to acknowledge the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country, in all wars and conflicts over the years. This year I took a very big step in honoring my “revolutionary war” ancestors by becoming a member of our local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and I’m proud to do what I can to honor the military. 

Soldiers, forever, have suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) because so many are very young and grow up way too fast upon witnessing the horrors of war.  Just watch our veterans talk about their experiences in WWII, Korea or Vietnam…and he or she will get emotional every time while trying to finish their story about losing a comrade, in a hellish way, who served with them. PTSD has been a factor in every war but it was never talked about because of the stigma attached to those who suffered from it. Thankfully, today PTSD is a legitimate diagnosis openly discussed. Still, there are many who fear the repercussions if they divulge their symptoms to their superiors.

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Crazy Dogs for Halloween, Jerky Treat Warning & Helping with Military Deployment Pet Foster Care

In this week’s video fall is in the air, so that means Halloween is coming soon! This past weekend I enjoyed the annual “Howl-O-Ween” Pet Fair locally, and it prompted me to do a short segment on doggie costumes and what we spend annually. Can you say…ka-ching? Wow!! They are anticipating crazy (or devoted) dog owners to spend approximately $330M on costumes, (yup with an “M”) this year!!! Two more serious topics are covered as well…dogs on deployment foster care and the continued contamination problem with jerky treats from China.

Crazy Dogs for Halloween (Video Snapshot)

Service Dog Attacks and How We Can Protect Those Heroes on 4 Paws

2 Service DogsSo I’m sitting here a bit idle today as the tree trimmers do a monumental job with a huge group of fichus trees that overwhelm our yard every year. So, this is the day for a major tree haircut and a good creative-writing blog day!

What came to mind this morning (and many of my waking moments) was thoughts about my yellow Lab, Rocco. He is my logo pup that has grown to be a beautiful, sweet and well-mannered dog.

He greeted the tree trimmers this morning with his usual butt wiggle and smile…no jumping (or “marking” their tools…whew!), and I just had to “rescue” the tree trimmers from being supervised by him a few minutes ago.  Yup, right underfoot with tree branches falling everywhere. He has no fear. Ha! When they question his “friendliness” I answer with my usual, “You’re ok as long as I’m ok.”  Straight to the point, he is going to be your best buddy as long as he knows I’m out of harms’ way. Does that mean he has been trained to “protect?” No, but does he have that “instinct” to protect me…I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. I’m very glad I have not had to test that ability (or perhaps inability) in him, nor do I ever hope to.

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