About Us

Why I chose this unique field
to bring order to canine chaos!

With my background of more than 16 years in the guide dog world, I was able to experience, first-hand, what it’s like to travel with a service dog.  But, for me, it was a totally different experience because I do NOT have a disability.  My dog was not a trained service dog, but an “ambassador” to accompany me on my various trips around the country. 

I witnessed first-hand, restaurant hostesses not proficient in knowing what to say or do when they saw someone coming into the restaurant with a service dog. In some instances, even I was seated in a horrible location. Why? Because some thought I was “blind” and why should I be seated in a prime location? On numerous occasions I also witnessed guide dogs being denied into businesses because no “pets” were allowed.

This led me to the obvious…that most people don’t know how to interact with someone who has a service dog.  What do you say…how you approach?  What exactly does a service dog do and for whom? More importantly, how can this affect your business?

My extensive background included Public Relations Manager/Director of Development/Event Planner/Photographer in the service animal industry, so I know my dogs!  After a very successful fundraising and event career, I decided to focus my efforts on ensuring the access rights for children and adults using service dogs and crack down on those who are using the term “service dog” to get their own pet access into a business.

In contacting numerous service dog handlers and training facilities, their appreciation for what I’m doing was universal…how nice to have someone “out there” educating the public on their behalf relating to service dog access.  They are paying the price for the multitude of “fake” service dogs in public and are being challenged, as never before, with their own dogs.   

I’m thrilled to be able to give back to those who need these dogs to enrich their daily lives, and I’m also extremely happy to be able to educate businesses on their rights relating to service dog access.

Debbie and her grown-up “logo” pup, “Rocco”

Partial client list:

Los Angeles Commission on Disabilities
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Theater
Radio interviews on KTYM and LALive Radio (Atomic Dog)
Culver City Disability Advisory Committee
Thousand Oaks Library
Clearman’s Northwoods Inn Restaurants
Accessible World Webcast guest presenter
California Council of the Blind Annual Conference guest presenter


Thank you for presenting a most interesting and informative explanation to over 200 volunteers and guests at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library outlining general procedures and specific rules for the public’s involvement while in the presence of Service Dogs. We can’t thank you enough for the professional manner in which you conducted this presentation.  You explained in clear detail what we should do, and as equally important, what we, as onlookers, should not do, when Service Dogs are “working.”

Everett L. Crawford, President 2010-2011
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Volunteer Association

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