About Our Services

  • Are you confident that your employees know how to properly interact with a service dog and their handler pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act?
  • Are they aware of the “tasks” these dogs are trained to do for specific medical conditions?  

The Value To You:

Gaining a potential customer who has money to spend!  In addition, don’t risk potential costly litigation and negative publicity by being uninformed, and thus not being fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act as it relates to service animal public access.

Perfect For:

  • Large or small businesses providing a service or product to the general public
  • Organizations or Corporate meeting/seminar speaking opportunity
  • Private consultation or groups of any size
  • Nursing educational programs
  • Classroom or school assembly programs desiring disability awareness education relating to service dog animal handlers pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act

A Few Industries Benefiting From Our Training Include:

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities
  • Travel Companies
  • Theaters/Concert Halls
  • Law Enforcement
  • Museums
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Department Stores
  • Academic Institutions
  • Hospitality Associations

Tailored to your specific company needs, our training sessions are lively, informative and filled with “working” photos of the various service animals and what they are trained to do.  We will answer all those questions you have and sort out the confusion that exists today.

Great for student education as well as organizations!!

We are ready to help augment your current training, or propose new training for you and your staff.  Empower your employees with the etiquette and knowledge of how these amazing dogs allow children and adults, with specific disabilities, to live a more independent life.

We assure you…you will be amazed at the intensive training involved and what goes on behind the scenes to graduate a service animal “team!”

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